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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with P

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Pace, John W.
Page, Amos
Page, Donald
Page, Jack
Page, Jack
Page, Jean Marie
Page, Lois Beatrice
Palmer, Charles Boyd
Palmer, Donald Lee
Parker, Frances
Parker, George
Parker, James William
Parker, Jason Todd
Parker, Joseph William
Parker, Lori Ann
Parker, Lucille
Parker, Mollie E.
Parker, Rosa
Parks, Gloria Gail
Parramore, Mary
Parrett, Lucrtia
Parrish, Bobby Lee
Parrish, Patricia Regine
Pasckawe, Susan
Pascoe, Alford
Pascoe, Amanda
Pascoe, Anne
Pascoe, Anthony
Pascoe, Bertha
Pascoe, Bobbie Faye
Pascoe, Bryan
Pascoe, Buster
Pascoe, Catherine
Pascoe, Clounts
Pascoe, Dulcy
Pascoe, Eliza A.
Pascoe, Elizabeth
Pascoe, Ellen Ciscerine
Pascoe, Eva
Pascoe, Fern
Pascoe, Fern
Pascoe, Francis
Pascoe, Grace
Pascoe, Grace
Pascoe, Grace
Pascoe, Grace Elizabeth
Pascoe, Harriet
Pascoe, Henry
Pascoe, Henry
Pascoe, Ida
Pascoe, James
Pascoe, James Alford
Pascoe, James Henry (Bud)
Pascoe, Jane
Pascoe, Jane Harriett
Pascoe, Jeromiah
Pascoe, John
Pascoe, John
Pascoe, John
Pascoe, John II
Pascoe, John III
Pascoe, John Jackson
Pascoe, Joseph
Pascoe, Joseph
Pascoe, Josephine B.
Pascoe, Judy
Pascoe, Linda
Pascoe, Louie III
Pascoe, Louie A.
Pascoe, LouieA. II
Pascoe, Martha
Pascoe, Martha Caralle
Pascoe, Martha Jane
Pascoe, Mary
Pascoe, Mary
Pascoe, Mary
Pascoe, Mary
Pascoe, Mary A. E.
Pascoe, Mary Catherine
Pascoe, Matthew
Pascoe, Matthew
Pascoe, Neal
Pascoe, Paula Sue
Pascoe, Rachel
Pascoe, Rachel
Pascoe, Ralph G.
Pascoe, Rebbeca Angeline
Pascoe, Rebecca
Pascoe, Samuel
Pascoe, Samuel E.
Pascoe, Samuel Washington (Poodle)
Pascoe, Sarah Agnes
Pascoe, Temperance
Pascoe, Virginia Victoria
Pascoe, William
Pascoe, William J.
Paskawe, Anthony
Paskawe, Anthony
Paskawe, Elizabeth
Paskawe, Mary
Paskawe, Nicholas
Paskawe, William
Paskawe, William
Pate, J. W.
Patrick, Sophia
Patrick, William
Patterson, Angela Renee
Patterson, Lessie
Patterson, Louisa Frances
Patterson, Robert
Paul, Richard
Paull, Ann
Paull, John
Paull, Mary Elizabeth
Payne, ?
Payne, Anthony Lynn
Payne, Eleanor
Payne, Ola Irene
Paysinger, Jacob
Paysinger, Mary Caroline
Peard, Jullian
Pears, Rebecca M.
Pearson, Emeline
Pearson, Mary
Peaster, Margaret
Peden, John
Pelt, Cathy
Pelt, Gene
Pelt, Penny
Pennington, Lucy Ethel
Peoples, Loretta Frances
Peppers, ?
Peppers, ?
Peppers, ?
Peppers, Bill
Peppers, Ellan Ann
Peppers, Eva
Peppers, Floyd
Peppers, George L.
Peppers, H Grady
Peppers, Jane
Peppers, Joyce
Peppers, Loonie
Peppers, Mamie E.
Peppers, Otis
Peppers, Ottis
Peppers, Ruby Victoria
Perkins, Clif
Perkins, Sarah (Sallie) Amanda
Perry, Sarah Emeline
Pettigrew, James
Pettigrew, Jean
Pettigru, James
Pettigru, James
Petty, Elias A.
Petty, James
Petty, Larkin Newton
Petty, Mary Lavinia
Petty, Minnie
Petty, Sylvester B.
Petty, Wiley
Pew, Sampson
Phalen, Mary Elizabeth
Phillips, Caroline Olivia
Phillips, Jamie
Phillips, Ruth
Philyaw, Moses
Philyaw, Viney
Pierce, Carol Evetta
Pinyon, Wyolene
Pirkle, Ada
Pirkle, Almeda Grace
Pirkle, Cecil Heard
Pirkle, Lillie Belle
Pirkle, Lizzie
Pirkle, Loy Clay
Pirkle, Mae
Pirkle, William
Pirkle, William Broughton M.D.
Pirkle, William Webb M.D.
Pirkle, Willis
Pitman, Joe
Pitman, Joe S.
Pitts, Ann
Plunkett, Angela
Pogue, Charles Donald
Pogue, Nick
Ponder, Clara
Pool, Martha
Pool, Mary M.
Poole, Alfred J. H.
Poole, Fred
Poole, Tina
Poore, George Washington
Poore, Margaret Virginia
Pope, George Bradley
Porter, Adam Largus
Porter, Adam Largus
Porter, Carl Boston
Porter, Charles Cornelius
Porter, Edward Mitchell
Porter, Edward S.
Porter, Edward Taylor
Porter, Emily Henderson
Porter, Emma Lorene
Porter, James
Porter, James Alton
Porter, Jewell Mae
Porter, John Clarence (JC)
Porter, Kaley Christi
Porter, Leigh Ann
Porter, Mary
Porter, Mary Annie Elizabeth Belle
Porter, Mary Celeste
Porter, Richard Lynn
Porter, Ruby Lee
Porter, Samuel Pascoe
Porter, Sarah A.
Porter, Teresa Michelle
Porter, Virginia Daire
Posey, Jefferson
Poss, Hattie
Poteet, ?
Poteet, Andrew J.
Poteet, Garth
Poteet, Greg
Poteet, Malcolm
Poteet, Mike
Poteet, Randy
Potter, ?
Powell, Howard
Powell, Nancy Edith
Poynter, Bulah
Prater, George Robert
Prater, Grady Lessley
Prater, John Archibald
Prater, Queenie Mae
Prater, William Jefferson
Pratter, Reuben M.
Pratter, Walter Benjamin
Pressley, F. J.
Pressley, Frank W.
Pressley, Hatley E.
Pressley, James W.
Pressley, Julia A.
Pressley, M. E.
Pressley, Willie G.
Preston, Jane
Preston, Robert
Price, ?
Price, Charlie Keaton
Price, Clara Syble
Price, Meda Ruth
Priest, Dannielle
Priest, Mike
Prince, Pattye Martha
Proctor, Elizabeth
Pruitt, Ada Noreen
Pruitt, Charles Carter
Pruitt, Dora Mildred
Pruitt, Etheleen
Pruitt, Fredrick Ralph
Pruitt, Georgia Irene
Pruitt, Harold Eugene
Pruitt, Harvey Labon
Pruitt, Harvey M.
Pruitt, Herman A.
Pruitt, John Harmon
Pruitt, John Wesley
Pruitt, Judy
Pruitt, Junior
Pruitt, Lilly May
Pruitt, Margaret Eunice
Pruitt, Mattie Irene
Pruitt, Rebecca Helen
Pruitt, Sarah Lizzie
Pruitt, Silas Pay
Pruitt, Silas Willis
Pruitt, Susie Pruitt
Pruitt, Toy M.
Pruitt, William Asbury
Purefoy, Frances
Purefoy, Humphrie
Purefoy, Nicholas
Purefoy, Thomas
Purefoy, Thomas
Purefoy, Thomas
Puritt, Louise

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