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Sunday School Resources

I teach the 4 year old Sunday School in our Chapel.

I have found the following pages helpful:

Coloring Sheets

Bible Story Coloring Book

ABC's of the Flood

Abda Acts Coloring Sheets

Billy Goes to Sunday School

Wee One's Bible Coloring Sheets

Coloring Through the Bible

Easter Coloring Sheets

House of Hugs Coloring Sheets

Jesus Loves Me Pictures to Color

St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Veggie Tales Crafts




Danielle's Place

Sunday School and VBS Crafts

Vacation Bible School

Danielle's Place

Vacation Bible School Planning


Children's Music and Songs

The Cyber Hymnal


Other Places to look:

Children's Ministry WebRing

Sunday School Sources


NetMinistries Kids Links

Jesus Loves Me

Children's Ministry Net


Christian Kids on the Net


Bible Study

Bible History

Bible Gateway



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