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I became a genealogist when I was just a kid.  In fact, I think that I was born a genealogists.  Now that I have children of my own, I long to turn them on to their heritage.  I think the two first steps to sparking this interest are #1 realize that insanity may not run in your family.  They may not go quite as crazy as you are.  That's O.K.  After all, someone will have to fix supper before Dad gets home.  Your objective will not be to clone yourself, but to spark their interest and educate them about their heritage, not neccesarily to make a genealogist out of them.  #2  Tell the stories.  That is the only way I think that this can be done.  I don't mean announcing "It is time for stories about your dead ancestors". Rather, you should weave these stories into your daily routine.  "Your granddad whistled that song all the time. He learned it when he was working for the phone company."  "Your studying the Revolutionary War. Did you realize that you are named for a Revolutionary Soldier."  "When I was little I got off the School bus at my great-grandfather's house.  He would be your great-great grandfather."  Anything that is incorporated into your daily converation and can be a springboard back into the past.  As you are researching,  look for adventures that will capture their attention. My grandmother was the best story teller ever.  And I give her all the credit for sparking my interest.  And she never opened a dusty book or filled out a pedigree chart.  She just told the stories! 


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