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My Genealogy:

I have been researching my family history for over 15 years.

The names that I am researching are:

 Rainey, Leslie, Thompson, Chestnut, Green, Hughes, Howard, Turner, Wyatt, Pascoe, Young, Jackson, Eidson, Hunter, Wilson, Taylor, Alexander, and Arwood

The areas that my ancestors lived were:  Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas,Cornwall County England, Antrim Ireland, and County Downs Ireland.

My Family Tree

My Pascoe-Wyatt Heritage Page

My Leslie Page

Genealogy for Kids

Rootsweb Mailing lists to which I subscribe:

Presbyterian Sites

Helpful Genealogy Links

I love exchanging information.  Please drop me a  line.

I have much more information, pictures, etc. on my "" pages.  If you are connected to my Leslie or Pascoe lines, please e-mail with the names surnames that you are researching and I will be glad to invite you to join "myfamily".


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