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Kids a Kooking

We have found some really great recipes on the Web

Astronaut Pudding:

Ingredients: Instant Pudding Mix, MIlk, Ziploc Bags

Instructions: Put 1 Tablespon instant pudding in Ziploc bag. Add 1/4 c. milk. Close the bag. Squish up the pudding mix. Poke a hole in the bag and suck it out. Your eating just like the astronquts.

Slime We made the Elmer's Glue recipe. This is great therapy for adults.  I always try things out without the kids first. My husband and I were needing this stuff for a long time.

Bubble Solution

Every mother should know how to whip up a batch of playdough

Edible Playdough We ate alot of this when my oldest refused to drink milk. Try adding coconut & chocolate chips and making balls.


The World of Jello

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